Jake Memery

Jake Memery

Xignal Product Manager

What is an S1000D IETP Solution?

An S1000D IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publication) is a digital manual or documentation for complex systems predominantly used in aerospace and defence industries.

Technical publications are created using the S1000D international specification, which standardises the structure, content, and format of technical documentation.

An S1000D IETP solution enables end users to view this complex technical information in an electronic, interactive format which enhances the consumption and use of the information – particularly for maintainers in the field.

What software is needed to view an S1000D IETP?

Viewing an S1000D IETP requires specialised software known as an S1000D IETP viewer.

These S1000D viewers are designed to handle the complex structure and interactive features specific to S1000D documents.  They are traditionally distributed as an application which a user has to have a licence for to use on their device.

What is Xignal S1000D View?

Xignal S1000D View is a free-to-distribute interactive S1000D viewer which can be distributed and accessed by users online or offline.  It is a lightweight S1000D viewing solution that provides the core functionality of an S1000D IETP solution without the licensing distribution restrictions.

Why is it different to a traditional S1000D IETP Solution?

Unlike traditional S1000D IETPs, the Xignal S1000D Viewer offers organisations online or offline interactive S1000D publications without the need for an end-user licence.

S1000D IETP solutions require licensed access to the viewer application so distribution is licence controlled and comes at a cost per user.

Are there any differences in the functionality?


Xignal S1000D View is a lightweight S1000D Viewer designed to fill the gap where traditional, and still very popular, PDF ends and the advanced IETP viewer technology starts.

Xignal S1000D Viewer still contains some great features such as user access control, bookmarks, muti-tab layout, graphics pane for zooming, panning, hotspotting etc as well as the ability to include PDF support files in your electronic publication. And all this is wrapped in a modern, clean interface, much of which can also be customised for your organisation.

What we didn’t include, however, are some of the more advanced features such as dynamic applicability filtering and CIR resolution, both of which, instead, would have to be done prior to publishing to Xignal View if required. By omitting advanced features like this means that we can offer the product at a fraction of the cost of a most other S1000D IETP solutions available today, while still giving you an enhanced experience over and above traditional page-based PDF output, empowering maintainers and making the task of using operation and maintenance data more enjoyable and efficient.

Can I get a demo of Xignal S1000D View?


Our team would be happy to demonstrate how our S1000D Viewer works.  Please get in touch with us here and request a demo

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