Jake Memery

Jake Memery

Xignal Product Manager

Our Xignal S1000D for Word Add-in now supports the Common Information Repository (CIR) concept for even easier creation and contribution to S1000D content creation.

This means that you can utilise your existing Tools, Spares, Supplies, Warnings and Cautions CIR Data Modules (DMs).

Simply point to your CIR DMs in the Word settings dialog to enable authors to pick items from lists presented to them in the Word interface. This ensures consistency as well as increasing efficiency across your team.

If you don’t have existing CIR DMs, use our easy CIR generation tool within Xignal to create S1000D compliant CIR DMs from Excel spreadsheet templates.

See it in action in the video below and contact us on [email protected] for a free trial of the Xignal S1000D Add-in for Microsoft Word.

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