Jake Memery

Jake Memery

Xignal Product Manager

What is it?

S1000D for Word – Author is a MS Word Add-in which enables you to draft Procedural, Descriptive and Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) data module content in MS Word, and export to S1000D XML in a click.

How does it work?

When you create a new DM using the tool’s user interface in Word, a new document is generated. Depending on whether you choose Procedural, Descriptive or IPD, the generated Word document takes on a specific document template, which you just populate with your data.

For Procedural and Descriptive, you can use the new ‘S1000D Styles’ to format the content (like any other Word document), which the tool will use to understand how to tag up the resulting XML DM.

You can generate the S1000D DM at any point during the document drafting, and generate the S1000D DM as many times as you wish. The Word file is also saved and can be continued, edited or modified whenever required.

Can I choose what information goes in the ID & Status section of the DM?


You can pre-set things like CAGE codes, security classifications, language codes, issue and in-work numbers that you wish the generated DM output to adopt.

If you have other standard company or project specific information such as copywrite statements etc, you can make these changes in the DM template files and each DM generated will contain this standard text/information.

Can I add internal and external references?


The tool will allow you to make cross-references to steps, paras, supplies, spares, support equipment, graphics and tables, as well as other data modules.

All of these references will be resolved into their proper XML elements during conversion. You can even customise the ID prefixes specific to your project rules e.g ‘fig-0001’ for figure references, or ‘spr-0001’ for spares references.

Can I open existing S1000D DMs in Word?


It is not an S1000D editor. It cannot open S1000D files in Word, but you can edit the previously generated S1000D DMs in the Word file to make additions and changes, and generate new S1000D DMs as many times as you like.

Can I add graphics?


You can add graphics to the Word document templates in the same way that you would add any other type of image or picture in Word.

During the export to S1000D, the image files will be assigned an S1000D Information Control Number (ICN) with correct chapter numbering and sequential board number sequence.

Can I import the resulting DMs into a CSDB?


The DMs and graphic entities that are output is S1000D XML which can be imported into any CSDB.

There is also the ability automatically upload the resulting DMs to our Xignal S1000D Suite CSDB for continued management of the DMs through their lifecycle (offered separately).

How is it priced?

The Word Add-in is purchased via a subscription on a ‘per-annum’ basis and uses a license which is locked to each machine where it is installed.  Contact us for a current price list

Is there support?


The tool is very easy to use and there is a user guide which is accessed from the Word ribbon and we’re always here to help and support you if required and this is part of the subscription.

Which versions of MS Word can I use it with?

The add-in will work with any version of Word from Word 2007 upwards.

The tool will only work on desktop basked versions of Word, and not browser based or web versions.

Which versions of S1000D can I export to?

Currently, the tool can export your data to S1000D 2.3, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 (XML). If you require a different version, please let us know and we’ll almost certainly be able to accommodate the request.

Can I try it for free?


We offer a free trial period of the S1000D for Word Add-in.  To get started either get in touch with us via email [email protected] or click here to request a trial via our online form

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